Monday, April 18, 2011

Sketchabout 6- Liz's sketches

Here are my sketches from the tropical centre.... a great place to sketch on a wet day - except for the occasional drop that came out of nowhere!
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_06 Sketchabout6_01
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_07 Sketchabout6_02
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_08 Sketchabout6_03
It was a great day and lovely to close 6 weeks of sketching with an afternoon... I just had to do one more sketch on the way out- despite the rain. Next time it is a wet day, I intend to bring a bigger umbrella!
110416 Sketchcrawl 31_10 Sketchabout6_05
Thanks to Kerry for organizing the sketchabouts, Wendy, Annie and Alissa and all the people that joined in to make it such a great success!!!


  1. It was a lot of fun - wish I could have got to more of the Saturdays. Maybe it should be extended ...

  2. Thanks for all your amazing, evocative sketches, Liz, and for your help promoting the Sketchabout and making it such a success.