Saturday, June 2, 2012

Green Gates

I've been experimenting with dip pen and colour inks and made my way to RBG. I love these gates and have painted them before, and I'm sure I will return too. I was hoping to spend most of the day at the gardens but the weather started to get very nasty. I think I ended up half soaked underneath the Opera House.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lotuses are blooming

Finally a sunny day to draw the lotuses. I can't let a year go by without it. They need a big sign - we were there a long time and everyone called them water lilies. Not so many flowers - yet. It has been so cool that maybe more flowers will come if warm weather continues.
After lunch, we sought out interesting trees to draw. Couldn't find last year's favourites, so we discovered some very interesting ones we hadn't seen before. I have to draw these trees again on a bigger page & starting earlier in the day. I can't say what they are, because I couldn't find a sign.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday at Twin Ponds - Alissa Duke

On Saturday the weather was finally fine enough to go outdoors. I visited the Gardens Shop to spend a gift voucher I had (decisions, decisions..) and then asked about the recent sightings of the tawny frogmouth. I was pointed in the direction of the Twin Ponds. I did not see the bird (unsurprisingly) but I did spent time amongst the trees, enjoying the bird calls and sketching the fascinating tree bark. I love the way paperbark peels off the tree, and the shinyness of the eucalyptus.

More than an hour later I wandered out of the Gardens via the Opera House gates. Although I was tired from a day in the sun I felt as though I had to do just one more drawing.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Few More Sketches in the Afternoon of 12 November 2011

Unable to make the morning of the last day of the Spring Sketchabout, we did some sketching in what turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.

From Governmet House by Barbara Gray
From Government House by Carole Solomons
Fountain Government House by Fred Marsh

The Band Lawn by Barbara Gray

The Band Lawn by Fred Marsh

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanks to the Sydney Sketch Club who have revived the ancient and timeless joy of sketching in a Garden with the Spring Garden Sketchabouts. Here is everyone (almost) at the last one this Spring on 12 November. See you all again soon we hope.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Last Spring Sketchabout

We started the Spring Sketchabout at the Palace Garden. As I'd been to the zoo, and my sketchbook is full of animals already, I decided to draw a lion. This one is truly king of the jungle - well, the Palace Garden anyway, as he has a crown of roses.

I snuck off down the stairs away from the main group to draw this jacaranda. They are blooming all over Sydney at the moment. I wanted to be sure I drew one this year, so - no time like the present. They are so ethereal looking.

We took our lunch to the lawn behind the Main Pond, where we always meet to catch up and look at one anothers sketches.We sit in the shade of this big tree and I always look at the intricate patterns of its bark. I've wanted to draw it before and this time I summoned the energy. I didn't think to look what type of tree it is, so I just called it 'The Lunch Tree' because that is what it is for me.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

As much as I wanted to capture a few roses on our last Spring Sketchabout, it was a little bit daunting. So I settled myself in by first painting these flapjacks.
Made a few attempts at some roses, but my style is so rough, it doesn't quite capture the delicate, intricate petals of a rosebud.

Finished off the afternoon in the Oriental Garden, more just to escape the sun. Too tired to capture the entire scene, I decided to pick my two favourite sections and paint them separately.