Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Few More Sketches in the Afternoon of 12 November 2011

Unable to make the morning of the last day of the Spring Sketchabout, we did some sketching in what turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.

From Governmet House by Barbara Gray
From Government House by Carole Solomons
Fountain Government House by Fred Marsh

The Band Lawn by Barbara Gray

The Band Lawn by Fred Marsh


  1. Glad to see you pop up! I was thinking we haadn't seen you for a while. Great sketches.

  2. Beautiful ! Sorry you couldn't join us on the day. but so glad that you posted these to the blog. The vista of the path, fountain and view from Government House is wonderful and each of your drawings captures it just perfectly. I love the way you have each drawn the same scene. Hope to see you in the gardens sketching soon !!!