Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sketchabout 4 - Liz's Sketches

This week I tried to get to the garden early for some focussed sketching before the excitement of the sketchabout – but the weather and the Con open day had other plans for me...
110402_03 Sketchabout 4 Ruins
Just before I reached the garden it started raining and blowing a gale – but of course I still sketched with the threat of rain - this is a wonderful art installation made of building fragments. I have wanted to sketch since I discovered it but it has either been rainy or way too hot to sketch in the sun...so at least I have the first sketch now...but of course I want to go back some day!
110402_04 Sketchabout 4 Vista Performance
Next- a lovely surprise in the Vista Pavilion - an open day at the nearby Conservatorium of Music with some events in the garden - so I had to sketch it! A Clarinet Quartet was playing a very mixed medley which finished with Gershwin’s Lady Be good – so no guess what lyrics were rattling in my head for the rest of the day!
Skethcabout 4 Group photo
Another great group today and thankfully it did not rain! About 25 people - really getting to know some of the regulars and lovely meeting new people each week!!
110402_05 Sketchabout 4 Ikebana Sculpture
I started by sketching the Ikebana scuplture which was a little challenging - had a lovely chat to fellow sketchers in the middle.
110402_06 Sketchabout 4 Moreton Bay Fig
Then time to actually draw a detail of some leaves and an another Moreton Bay Fig – I love these trees. More chatting to new sketchabout attendees - it is such a lovely social event. I do find it sometimes hard to sketch and talk at the same time but have worked out that I can manage to get them to a 80% stage while chatting away...but I leave that last 20% to complete in calmness at home. Therefore, what others see at the end of the day is sometimes a lot different from the final version.
110402_07 Sketchabout 4 Ed Schots Group 1
I went in search of Sadami and found her sketching musicans back up at the Vista Pavilion and then I joined in sketching- just as a jazz performance started- it was WONDERFUL!!!
110402_08 Sketchabout 4 Ed Schots Group 2

Another great day- see you all next time!!!


  1. So glad you caught the musicians playing and the Ikebana, Liz. They are the shimmer of the Garden that can go unnoticed.

  2. Hey Liz,

    Thanks for posting your artworks, watching them brought back the good spirit of the occasion. Will keep you posted re: future music events, and there's always jazz on Wed arvos from 3-5pm at the Con.


    Ed Schots