Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rhythm&Blues in Botanical Garden

Friends, I sketched jazz players in the Botanical Garden last Saturday. "Close-up" excited me so much and a great fun. Enjoy them all. More detailed info is in Autum of Arts broucher.
Hopefully, you can feel sounds in the watercolor paintings!
Jazz players
were happy with my sketches, whcih made me happy, too.

...a bit embarrasing, I missed out the meet up with other Sydney Sketch Club members in the garden. I expected it at 3:30. BUT it was 3:00! (Thank you, Liz for "baby sitting" of this big girl!)

The jazz players had concerts at Vista Pavilion. After separating from Liz, I went back there and sketched this. We, sketch club members often get together in front of the "Palm Grove Centre," the shop in the Botanical Garden. Friends, could you guess what's hanging from the tree behind the shop? Many nuts? No, too huge as nuts! Tourists' bags? No, too high to hang on. What's that?
They are BATs!! ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ
But, bats~(*o*)~ ? Yes, bats.
Bats hanging on trees always give me the image... "bats on
washing lines." I made it into a cartoon. But here is a place for sketches. So, I put it into my blog Sadami's Graffiti. If you'd like to have more fun with my hilarious cartoons and watercolors, come to my blog.

Bats are stars for tourists. Even though Sydney siders are not always happy, becuase they enjoy farmers' fruits and do dropping, but being protected by law. Mmmm....from bats' point of view, we, humans are invadors. Hopefully, we can find a compromised ground to live together peacefully.

The Sydney Sketch Club makes me very busy and productive. Brillinat. Come and join us, Sydney Sketch Club!! Yey! Come to the Palm Grove Centre at 1:00 this Saturday.
I hope one day, I will enjoy sketching with You, my blog friends all over the world ʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ.
Have a wonderful week and happy painting!!

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