Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sketchabout 5 - Liz's Sketches

Another WONDERFUL sketchabout...and the most perfect day weather wise as well! Was a little exhausted in the morning but somehow picked up once the event started!

110409 Sketchabout 5_01 Another tree trunk
I am really enjoying sketching tree trunks these days
110409 Sketchabout 5_02 Another building!
Funny that I always seem drawn to the buildings in the gardens....
110409 Sketchabout 5_03 Herb Garden
Now for the sketches that I did during the sketchabout in the herb garden....
110409 Sketchabout 5_04 Herb Garden
Such a beautiful day- so relaxing sitting in the shade sketching and chatting!
110409 Sketchabout 5_05 Banana Leaves
A final sketch...I am trying to fill up my sketchbook so feeling pressure to sketch as much as I can! I wrote banana leaves...but I think they might be palms?

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