Friday, April 22, 2011

Jennifer's Garden Sketchabout Weeks 1-3

Apologies for not posting my garden efforts week by week but it took me a while to organise my link

Bamboo was the first entry in my Gardens Sketchabout book - early on I was a bit hesitant to add watercolour in case I ruined a drawing I was basically happy with!

Having cut out the shape to draw the statue I decided I should keep the photo - to give a 'shadow' effect ?

This is possibly the one 'painting' I am most proud of - but if I tried again I probably couldn't replicate those (watercolour) leaves again ! This page, not being proper watercolour paper, buckles slightly - fellow sketchers should perhaps not follow my lead next year in binding a book with different weight papers


  1. Dear Jennifer,
    Congratulations on both your uploading posts & wonderful art works!! So lovely and happy to enjoy them all. Thank you.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  2. Your link came through fine. Those are wonderful art pieces.