Thursday, September 1, 2011

More solar plate etchings from the Gardens

Last summer I made some solar plates from my drawings from the Botanic Gardens. It was only last Sunday at Seraphina Martin's Printfest that I had the opportunity to print them in glorious colour. This first lotus plate was taken from this drawing.

The solar plates are made by transferring the drawing to architects' drafting film, and exposing a special plate with a polymer coating to the sun.

This narrow plate came from this drawing, again from the lotus pond.

The lion has been on this blog before, but not in such glorious technicolour. Seraphina mixed up some gorgeous colours for us to roll over the plates with, and I bought some new 'Gardens-coloured' inks to inks up with - a leafy green, a lotus red, and a gorgeous deep yellow you see in the lion's mane & legs.

I've printed these plates in a variety of colours and I can't decide which I like best. However this is my favourite of the colours I printed for the 'autumn' plate. She was inked up in my new leafy green.

I made 15 prints on Sunday and that's a record.


  1. Dear Quirky artist,
    Thank you for the interesting techniques and gorgeous work!
    Kind regards,Sadami

  2. I love those colours, Wendy. Think the lotus blue is my favourite.