Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spring Garden Sketchabout - Alissa

We had beautiful spring weather for the first Spring Sketchabout. Under the blue sky and sunshine a group of about 15 sketchers positioned themselves along the colourful Spring Walk to draw or paint the flowers and scenes.

I arrived early and sketched the Statue of SPRING

Then I had a coffee from the Gardens Cafe and sat in the sun on the lawn to sketch my coffee amongst the camelia petals.

Then to the serious business of drawing tulips - I love tulips !!

and then the wisteria.....

Join us next time as we explore another area of the wonderful Garden.......


  1. You captured the statue of Spring beautifully, Alissa. She's a funny mix of coy, seductive and just slightly frumpy ('where's my furry slippers') that is all there in your sketch.

  2. hanks Kerry - you have summed her up very wel!! At first I thought that she was very silly character , but as I sketched her I enjoyed it more