Monday, March 28, 2011

Sketchabout 3 - Liz's Sketches

Sketchabout 3 - another wonderful afternoon despite the rain and windy conditions.
110326 Sketchabout3
over 20 sketchers... a few of them are missing in this group photo.
110326 Sketchabout 3_2 Restaurant
I knew we were planning to go to Government House so I decided to sketch another
a building as warmup while waiting for 1pm to arrive- this is the old part of the restaurant.
110326 Sketchabout 3_3 Government House
Hard to believe that I have never been to Government House before and now that I know that you can freely wander around the gorgeous grounds I am sure that I will go back. Being an architect I was rather excited at the prospect of sketching an overall John and I set up under a tree to sketch the grand vista that you enjoy on the approach to the building
110326 Sketchabout 3_4 GovHOuse in the rain!
I then went back to the gardens for another view but shortly after starting the rain started... I was really in the groove so didn't want to stop. Up came the umbrella and I kept going.
110326 Sketching in the rain1
This was so much fun and I loved the out of control nature of having rain on my page as despite the umbrella the wind driven rain just kept landing on the page! Thanks to Rod for these photos.

See you all next week...please do come along even if rain is forecast! It is a pity to miss out on all the fun just because of a few drops of water!

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