Monday, March 21, 2011

Nicola's Sketches

These sketches are done using Chinese Ink with an emphasis on capturing the character of the Botanics rather than a literal representation. I wanted to give a sense of the raining weather and the fact that I was position away from the elements under a large tree. From this location it was relatively dry with only the occasional rain drop falling onto my work. The Botanics is a curious culturally specific beauty in being a very control environment where lawns are neatly moved and vegetation highly selected. I find the use of signs naming vegetation in the garden interesting this is why I have made it the focus in one sketch. The signs legitimize the plant like a passport to the space. I imagine those without signs are swiftly removed.

Nicola Moir


  1. Dear Nicola,
    So beautiful monochrome work! I particularly love the first work. Thank you for sharing.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  2. These are very evocative of the Gardens. Your tones are lovely.
    We were all fortunate to be in a relatively drip-free places to draw and it did not pour.

  3. I love the looseness of these ink sketches. Captures the organised chaos of the Garden beautifully.