Monday, January 31, 2011

Macquarie Wall

110129 RBG Macquarie Wall
Spent a few lovely hours in the garden again on Saturday. It is amazing the things you discover when you actually start looking around! I have been conscious of walking through this wall many times but never stopped to see if it had any significance! But of course it does... built by Governor Macquarie. Was such a lovely afternoon to sit in the shade and sketch- chatting to a number of passers by as I was sketching or painting away.
110129 RBG Shop
Earlier in the day I did a quick sketch from the table I was sitting at in the cafe...view looking towards the shop. There is just SO much to sketch in the garden - everytime I go I see more things that I want to sketch!

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  1. Lovely drawings, Liz. Yes, so much history in that old wall.