Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Botanic abstractions

These are a couple of pages from my book for the forthcoming exhibition. I am rediscovering the challenge and fun of creating images inspired by what I see.

A long time ago I did a lot of painting, finally mostly in watercolours, I have dug out my old watercolours and started playing around. Then I discovered the Derivan Artist Quality inks - these are wonderful as they dry with a semi gloss finish and can be worked over without disturbing the image.

There are also collage pieces happening and a more graphic approach. I did not want to try an be an illustrator, more I was fascinated with shape and texture. Hope you like these pages.

Quite a few more pages to complete then my concertina can be assembled. You can see them at the exhibition where I am in very good company with 14 other book artists.


  1. Royal Botanic Garden SydneyFebruary 2, 2011 at 11:16 PM

    We are so excited about The Paginated Garden exhibition that Rosemarie and other Book and Sketch Artists are going to create at and about the Royal Botanic Garden.

  2. Hi Rosemarie. I adore the strong voice of green here and the sense of rhythm. I took a class with you on how to make the oriental binding book.