Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Photo Shoot sketches

Following on from alissa's sketch here are mine
110216 Photo Shoot Sketches 01
110216 Photo Shoot Sketches 02
These are the sketches I did while 'pretending' to sketch! Of course I can't PRETEND to sketch... I am used to asking someone to photograph me while I am doing a sketch...so for the photography to be more important than what was happening on the page was rather different. Also strange was the need to be reminded to smile (normally I have that intensely serious concentrating look!) It was a lot of fun... but I am more and more convinced that it is often easier to sketch than to take a good photo!
And just as an aside - I am SOOO looking forward to sketching the afternoon tea as well as sketching in the garden. Nothing beats having a good cup of tea and cake after some serious sketching... and it is a lot of fun to sketch as well. I will certainly be booking a spot!

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