Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spring Sketchabout Number Two

The second spring sketchabout was a dull day but lovely to be outside. We'd been expecting rain so we were highly delighted. A lot of new (to us) sketchers joined us and I hope very much we'll see them again.

We went to the Australian rockery & I drew these gymea lilies. I was at the top of this steep slope and the plants were part of the way down. They are so large that they towered above me. Hopefully you can tell that from the photo (courtesy of Jennifer).I had to put the north shore in and a yacht to get some scale.

I then drew some yellow kangaroo paw. I'd wanted to draw the red, but they were located mid-way down this steep slope. I've located some easily accessible ones up in Mrs Macquarie's Road, so hopefully they'll still be flowering next time I go.


  1. That little uncoloured yacht with the big bright Gymea Lilies is just perfect, Wendy.

  2. This is the exact spot where my hubby of 3 years proposed to me! Wonderful to see the view sketched!

  3. Could you please do a post on what type of pencils or pens you use? I love all your work